Feb 10, 2008

Herbal Gel for Muscle Issues and symptoms associated with Sciatica

I have traditionally used Arnica Gel. It comes from the arniflower and works great for muscle sprains, strains, tight muscles, muscle cramps and spasms, bruising, numbness, tingling and sciatica.

It isn't hot, cold or greasy. It has a slight fragrance when it's applied, but goes away once it gets absorbed.

It also comes in tablets. As a massage therapist, I stick with the gel with clients, but I have used the tablets. People suffering from chronic muscle issues might choose the tablets over the gel, especially, if your muscle pain is in a hard place to apply gel by yourself. People living with sciatica, may opt for the tablets rather than using the large amounts of gel it would take to cover all the affected areas.

You can find arnica gel in most Health Food stores. You can also find it in Hannaford, but it's about $3.00 more for the small tube.

Recently though, a client told me about Penatran Plus. I put the two products to a test and since then I have been using the Penatran. It will be available here soon so you can see how great it works!

Products available for Muscle issues and arthritis

Here are some products I recommend to my clients and I use myself. I have heard and bought into many products that claim they really work. I have bought many gadgets and gizmo's and all kinds of creams and lotions that claim to cure everything from acne to arthritis to muscle pain. Out of all them, here are the few that do what they claim to do.

I hope within a few days, you'll be able to order these products here. Until I get that going, check out the wonderful products that may end up being your new best friend.

MUSCLE ISSUES: Muscle sprains, strains, tight muscles, bruises, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, bursitis, tendinitis, tennis elbow, and burns.

Lately, I have switched to Penetran Plus. Although this isn't herbal, it works fast. It works like Lidocaine or Novocaine with out the needles.

It should be put on twice a day and when you apply it, put it over the area then wait a few seconds then rub it the rest of the way in.

It isn't hot, cold or greasy, it has a pleasant fragrance and is nontoxic or irritating. It contains ammonium compounds that neutralize pain signals by reestablishing the electrical balance in cell membranes at the site of injury, along with methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) , a naturally occurring sulfur compound that has significant anti- inflammatory properties. It's fast absorption provides fast and more effective pain relief. This product has a money back guarantee

This item will be available here soon.