Feb 10, 2008

Herbal Gel for Muscle Issues and symptoms associated with Sciatica

I have traditionally used Arnica Gel. It comes from the arniflower and works great for muscle sprains, strains, tight muscles, muscle cramps and spasms, bruising, numbness, tingling and sciatica.

It isn't hot, cold or greasy. It has a slight fragrance when it's applied, but goes away once it gets absorbed.

It also comes in tablets. As a massage therapist, I stick with the gel with clients, but I have used the tablets. People suffering from chronic muscle issues might choose the tablets over the gel, especially, if your muscle pain is in a hard place to apply gel by yourself. People living with sciatica, may opt for the tablets rather than using the large amounts of gel it would take to cover all the affected areas.

You can find arnica gel in most Health Food stores. You can also find it in Hannaford, but it's about $3.00 more for the small tube.

Recently though, a client told me about Penatran Plus. I put the two products to a test and since then I have been using the Penatran. It will be available here soon so you can see how great it works!

Products available for Muscle issues and arthritis

Here are some products I recommend to my clients and I use myself. I have heard and bought into many products that claim they really work. I have bought many gadgets and gizmo's and all kinds of creams and lotions that claim to cure everything from acne to arthritis to muscle pain. Out of all them, here are the few that do what they claim to do.

I hope within a few days, you'll be able to order these products here. Until I get that going, check out the wonderful products that may end up being your new best friend.

MUSCLE ISSUES: Muscle sprains, strains, tight muscles, bruises, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, bursitis, tendinitis, tennis elbow, and burns.

Lately, I have switched to Penetran Plus. Although this isn't herbal, it works fast. It works like Lidocaine or Novocaine with out the needles.

It should be put on twice a day and when you apply it, put it over the area then wait a few seconds then rub it the rest of the way in.

It isn't hot, cold or greasy, it has a pleasant fragrance and is nontoxic or irritating. It contains ammonium compounds that neutralize pain signals by reestablishing the electrical balance in cell membranes at the site of injury, along with methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) , a naturally occurring sulfur compound that has significant anti- inflammatory properties. It's fast absorption provides fast and more effective pain relief. This product has a money back guarantee

This item will be available here soon.

Jan 20, 2008

Essential Oils For: Arthritis, Tendonitis, Sciatica, Migraines, Depression, Sinuses, Stress & Anxiety

Essential Oils

100% Pure Essentials.
These pure essential oils come from all around the world--Italy, France, Indonesia, Morocco, etc. Our essential oils are freshly poured for each order placed. They are of the highest quality available in the industry. There is no carrier oil or cut added. It's for this reason only a drop or two is needed to do the job. To help you get just the right amount with out wasting it, are parapets. These will also be available soon.

Try our "Stress Relief" blend. I add this to the gel I use in my sessions. It adds a subtle aroma of lavender, bergamot, ylang, and sandlewood to the room. I notice when my clients come into my room, they take a deep breath. You can almost hear the stress leave their body when they exhale.

My most popular is the oil for "Arthritis". When I put this on people I tell them, they will feel better as soon as the oil gets absorbed.

My other most popular oils are for Migraines, Fatigue, Depression, and Allergy and Sinuses. How about an "All-over well being" we like to call, "Balance." Which ever oil you choose, you'll love it. They are absolutely wonderful and worth every cent!

Jan 10, 2008

10 interview questions to ask your massage therapist

Many people try massage, but don't get the relief they're looking for. Clients make the mistake of not interviewing their massage therapist when they schedule the appointment. I think this is important for people to do. Massage is expensive and it's a shame for people to waste their time and money on someone who doesn't know, or have any interest in helping them. The biggest reason this is too bad, is because the person in pain then thinks that since they tried massage once and it didn't work, it doesn't.

1. Are you licenced? Where? Now, all therapist should be licenced at least by the National Massage Board. They don't have to have a national license, if they are licensed by the state they work in. Also, some states like New Jersey and Vermont don't have their own test. This is important, because from my experience your paying top dollar for someone who really didn't study massage.

2. Where did you go to school? If they went to a university, they will have a degree of some sort.

3. How long was your school? Good schools are two years. Less then that, chances are they aren't going to be able to help you with your pain. Unless, they are naturally gifted, worked as a nurse, or physical therapist or some other type of bodywork. Not energy work so much.

The reason I say this about energy is because, many people self teach themselves things like Reiki. Also, if you have pain, you want relief now. Energy work takes time to get things flowing. Trigger point work is the fastest way to alleviate pain associated with the muscles.

4. Do they specialize in a type of massage? There are 206 types of massage.

5. Did they get certified in it? Not all continuing ed classes have certifications or offer college credits, but knowing who certified them will add to there credibility. Ex. I was medically certified to work in the hospital, HIV/ AIDS, and geriatrics through Cheryl Chapman and Benedictine Hospital. Cheryl Chapman is highly skilled and trained and certified. People in this field around here, know her. I was certified to do hot rock by a massage therapist in her office. I'm actually embarrassed about the hot rock and don't offer it in my services because I don't want people to know who certified me in it.

Now, it's your turn. Explain why you're looking for massage. If you have a problem area tell them about it, If there is pain involved let them know.

At this point the therapist should ask you questions like:
Does the pain radiate?
Is it constant or intermittent?
Is it in one place or does the pain travel? To where?
Is it sharp and shooting or dull and achy?
When did it start, do you know how it happened?
Has it affected your range of motion?
What are you doing for self care?
Have you seen your general practitioner?

Do you have any spinal column disorders or herniated discs?
Have you had a history of Cancer?
Are you getting a cold?
Are you three months or less pregnant?

Now, they probably won't ask all these questions, but they are designed so the therapist can come up with a treatment plan.

Once these questions have been asked. If they didn't red flags should go up.

6. Ask them if they think massage can help you? If it's muscle related the answer is yes. Massage helps so many other things too that people don't associate with massage like: reducing blood pressure, aiding in healing after surgery, sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalagia etc. However, you have to realize that until the therapist actually touches the person, all of this is speculative.

7. Ask them what type of work they think you need based on the information you gave them? Ask them to explain what that means? I tell people kinda what we will do in the session. I let them know it's not a fun process, but if it is what I think it is, they will feel better when they get off the table.

8. Ask them if they have any ideas why you are experiencing these issues? I usually ask about occupations since we spend most of our time doing it. Work and travel, and the computer are the big culprits. I ask about sleeping positions, how old their pillows are, old injuries/ accidents etc..

9. Ask what the cost is and based off of the initial interview how many times a week they should come? This again is a ballpark number. You can only get an idea based on the one conversation, but until you get worked on, you can't give a accurate number.

I had a client complaining of shoulder issues. Our phone interview was short because he didn't have time for it. When he got here, he had a spinal column disorder that through his whole body off, esp. his neck and hips. One leg was longer than the other because of his compensation, he had a stroke and is deaf in one ear. The stroke compromised his posture even more. And, hearing out of the one ear, he keeps his head cocked to that side to be able to hear. My phone assessment was vastly different from the one in person.

10. What can they expect the out come to be if they follow the therapist plan? Now, it depends on what the problem is, how long you've had it and how long your booking your session for. I usually, go over the first session. I do this so people go through the pain for a reason and get that, "Oh my God, I feel wonderful!" I also do it, so they get an idea how long it takes to get the desired effect. Your problems didn't happen over night and they wont go away in one session. Even though, you feel good getting off the table, I tell people, I don't know how long it'll last. It depends on how long you've had it. Do you have to contuinue to the action that put you in this position in the first place? Some people don't have symptoms for 6 months or more. Others are back the next week.

If you hurt your back doing something you don't normally do, the issue is easier to fix.

If your neck is your problem, but you have a stressful job, spend a lot of time on the phone, traveling or on the computer, or your sleeping patterns or your posture. These things are perpetuating your problems because you repeat the action constantly. Your muscles think they're suppose to be that way, and stay contracted. Our muscles are very good at doing what we tell them to do.
These issues are ones that always need to be worked on, on a regular basis, to be kept at bay so to speak.

Jan 7, 2008

Brochure and Business Card






Thank-you letters


I want to thank-you for doing so much for me. I don't know if you remember me, but I came in last week when I could hardly move my neck. I had constant pain and muscle spasms in my arms, and I had numbness and tingling in my hands and feet.

When I called you to make the appointment, I quickly realized that you are both passionate and knowledgable about massage therapy. You explained the cause of my discomfort and how massage therapy could help.

What you didn't know was I that had seen two doctors that suggested I use heat, wear a neck brace, and take muscle relaxers. Not only do these "remedies" interfere with my daily activities, but I found them to be ineffective. A neck brace? How cool would I look with that? Plus, I wouldn't be able to go the gym.

Anyway, I REALLY WANT TO THANK YOU, for improving my quility of life, getting rid of this pain I've had periodically for years. I also want to thank-you for giving me hope and getting me off the medications. I know you said I was a mess and the work is a process, but I still feel great and I'm looking forard to my next session.


Michaela Kochan


Over the past three years, you've helped me with the pain in my neck and shoulders that kept me up at night. You found the tight muscles and worked the knots out until the problem was resolved.

More recently, you've helped me with my hip. I know I will eventually have to have a hip replacement, but in the mean time, you've been a tramendous help. I want to tell you how much I appreciate all that you do. It has to be difficult to listen to people complain about their aches and pains all day. When I walk in though, I'm invited in with a warm smile. You 're always cheerful and sympathetic, while maintaing a professional approach.

I limp into your office and you greet me with a smile and offer empathy for my pain. You worked out the knots in my legs and hip, like you did in my neck and shoulders. I was able to walk out of your office in little or no pain and no limp. Your ability to use a variety of techniques to work the knots out, is no less than amazing!

By the way, what was the oil you put on my hip and hands at the end? Can I order some of that? You were right, it did take away the arthritis pain in my hands.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you thank you for making aging less painful.

Emily Hart


You've done it again. You've impressed me with your ability. The range of motion in my back is better than it's been in years! I can play golf again!

I thought after the first session I felt good, but in the second session when you focused on the areas causing my low back pain, I felt remarkable. I like the way you explained how everything was interconnected and why I was having these problems. I went to play golf that day. My golf partners were surprised at my recovery. I told them, I went to see Kristi. I also told them to stop complaining about their pain and have something done about it. I gave them your name, but could you leave some business cards for me to give them?

Tom Drake


Just a quick note to thank-you. After my car accident I had one option when my shoulder was frozen and my muscles in spasm.- take pills and stay in bed. You've let me know I have another option. I want to thank- you for taking the time to explain to me what was going on in my body. It does offer some help to know why my neck and back hurts when it was my shoulder that was injured. I go from complete agony, to little or no pain after our session. So thanks for offering me another choice that doesn't hinder my very active lifestyle.



I want to thank-you for diligently investigating and educating me on my problem neck. I appeciate the research you've done to get to the bottom of my problems. I like how you sit down with me, and show me self care techniques, pictures of the body and show me what's going on in my body. I also believe in your philosophy, that by educating me, it will help in my recovery. By the way, I am using the accupressure points for the neck and shoulder. They really help.

I have recommended you to many co-workers, family, members, and friends. I've told them how at GE you have a fabulous reputation and are know for your magical hands! At this point there is no other massage therapist I would go to.

Andrea Nevins


I have to tell you, when the GE fitness staff suggested I come and see you to improve my golf
game, I was skeptical. Up until recently, I've seen myself as an avid golfer with a single digit handicap. However, as the years go by, many physical problems were starting to occur. I was extremly stiff in my neck and had severe back pain. My golf game was going South.

After a few sessions my neck and back felt much better. I started to get flexibility back in my problem spots. You're knowledge and skills combined with your determination to help, set you apart from the rest. You are the best! Without your help, my golf game and general health would surely suffer. After all, how would I enjoy retirment if I couldn't get out and play a round or two of golf?

Pete Kanches


I just had my birthday massage and it got me to thinking about the first time I saw you. Do you remember? It was 5 years ago for my free birthday massage. I had never had one, but I did have neck pain. In fact, I had lived with it for 20 years!

It started when I was putting Valerie's bike in the trunk. I felt something give. The doctors said it was nothing. I was given excercises to do which gave limited relief. From time to time I was referred for physical therapy, but that didn't seem to help. Finally, a few years ago, I was diagnosed with bulging disks in my neck. It hurt to exercise. Sleep was difficult. Long car rides were agony. I have lived with this pain since. Sometimes it's severe, but it's always present.
I gave up a lot of activities I enjoyed.

Then came your birthday massage. I felt some short-term relief. I decided to try an hour massage. I had better movement. Then I went for another massage. And another. There were gains with each massage. I was able to lift the laundry basket! I started doing some of the activities I had given up. I was even able to ride my bike!

I'm a believer now. I highly recommend you to everyone- notice how you work on my whole family now, plus boyfriends. I tell people, even if they don't think they have a specific pain area, massage will make you feel so much better!


Shared massage horror stories help people recognize the signs

K. So, we a group of girlfriends went to the city for a "Sex in the City" weekend. It was one of my girlfriends birthday's and the hotel offered this package. Part of the package included massage. There was a gift bag we got when we checked in and it included what our package included. One of the items was massage. I can't remember how it was worded exactly, but all 6 of us got the impression it was an hour. Plus, when my friends husband put this together he told us the massage was an hour.

So three therapist show up, none speak English. Two women, one male. There were 6 girls so two therapist set up in one room and the other one set up in the room next door. Let me say this, I loved my massage. Everything about it was illegal. These therapist were not licensed in NY state. The girl I had said she took some classes in Russia. They had no sheets. They used the hotel towels. And we know how much those cover! Anyway my session, was good. I tied to talk to her, but there was a big language barrier. She didn't work trigger points, but she did loosen me up. Then, I thought she was doing some deep compressions. She was pushing so hard I couldn't talk, but I wanted her to stop.

There was no health form, and I went in there with low expectations and expected a relaxation massage. A few months earlier I had foot surgery, he noticed my bones and cartilage looked like they were from someone 25 years older than myself. So now at this point, panic is setting in. I'm thinking she's going to crack my spine. She's going to paralize me! Then I thought, if she does hurt me, I won't be able to track her down- she's probably not even a legal citizen. She won't have insurance. What am I going to do?

I got up and other than a pain in my neck that did get worse that night, but I had it checked out and I was fine.

Meanwhile, in the next room, the therapist didn't leave the room when we got on the table either. My girl turned her back. The other therapist, one a man did not. My friend is a massage therapist, by the way. Now none of us are prudish. One didn't want to take her underwear off because she had her period, another one has been thin her whole life, went to school and gained some weight and didn't feel comfortable getting on the table with them watching. The one friend with her periond said she felt like the man was so far up her leg she thought he would pull her tampon string. She also made fun of the way he had her ass cheeks slapping together. My friend that's the therapist was on the table already when he told her, her underwear had to come off. So now she's trying to take them off and stay covered under this tiny towl. Her panties got stuck on her tow and sling- shotted across the room. That part was funny. Now she knew all this was wrong and didn't feel comfortable with it, but she didn't say anything. Partly, because there was such a communications barrier and because it was suppose to be a fun weekend and she didn't want to complain. So now, she has the man too. He was like breathing on her foot when she was lying on her stomach and she didn't know where his other hand was. The breathing was a slow breath, a breath made in pleasure. All she could think of, was he was the guy with the weird foot fetish and wanted it to be over.

The point is, she had that feeling right away. I don't know why we don't speak up. She is an Earth element. Even thoughit was her birthday, she didn't want any one to worry and she wanted everyone to have fun. But How we feel is important. If you don't feel comfortable than it's nt worht getting a session. I have people say all the time they want so and so to come in, but they say they wouldn't be comfortable. I tell them they shouldn't try to make them come because they wont be comfortable and the massage is torture.

To top this weekend off, they were going to charge us like $80 per hour massage, because the package only offered a half hour. Now, I work out of an up scale hotel. I have worked on famous people there. I agree risk goes up, price goes up, but there was no way we were paying that much for the massage we recieved. First they weren't licensed, second, so many things were illegal and inappropriate and we bitched believe me. We didn't pay it.

Another friend of mine had a session with a man and it was good until he turned her over. She had massages from me, but I live 3 hours away and went to this guy who was referred to her. When he turned her, he stood at the head of the table, made a tent with the sheet and she was already turning over before she realized he just checked out her whole body. She didn't say anything. She said she didn't know what to say. She just wanted the session to be over, so she could get out of there.