Jan 7, 2008

Shared massage horror stories help people recognize the signs

K. So, we a group of girlfriends went to the city for a "Sex in the City" weekend. It was one of my girlfriends birthday's and the hotel offered this package. Part of the package included massage. There was a gift bag we got when we checked in and it included what our package included. One of the items was massage. I can't remember how it was worded exactly, but all 6 of us got the impression it was an hour. Plus, when my friends husband put this together he told us the massage was an hour.

So three therapist show up, none speak English. Two women, one male. There were 6 girls so two therapist set up in one room and the other one set up in the room next door. Let me say this, I loved my massage. Everything about it was illegal. These therapist were not licensed in NY state. The girl I had said she took some classes in Russia. They had no sheets. They used the hotel towels. And we know how much those cover! Anyway my session, was good. I tied to talk to her, but there was a big language barrier. She didn't work trigger points, but she did loosen me up. Then, I thought she was doing some deep compressions. She was pushing so hard I couldn't talk, but I wanted her to stop.

There was no health form, and I went in there with low expectations and expected a relaxation massage. A few months earlier I had foot surgery, he noticed my bones and cartilage looked like they were from someone 25 years older than myself. So now at this point, panic is setting in. I'm thinking she's going to crack my spine. She's going to paralize me! Then I thought, if she does hurt me, I won't be able to track her down- she's probably not even a legal citizen. She won't have insurance. What am I going to do?

I got up and other than a pain in my neck that did get worse that night, but I had it checked out and I was fine.

Meanwhile, in the next room, the therapist didn't leave the room when we got on the table either. My girl turned her back. The other therapist, one a man did not. My friend is a massage therapist, by the way. Now none of us are prudish. One didn't want to take her underwear off because she had her period, another one has been thin her whole life, went to school and gained some weight and didn't feel comfortable getting on the table with them watching. The one friend with her periond said she felt like the man was so far up her leg she thought he would pull her tampon string. She also made fun of the way he had her ass cheeks slapping together. My friend that's the therapist was on the table already when he told her, her underwear had to come off. So now she's trying to take them off and stay covered under this tiny towl. Her panties got stuck on her tow and sling- shotted across the room. That part was funny. Now she knew all this was wrong and didn't feel comfortable with it, but she didn't say anything. Partly, because there was such a communications barrier and because it was suppose to be a fun weekend and she didn't want to complain. So now, she has the man too. He was like breathing on her foot when she was lying on her stomach and she didn't know where his other hand was. The breathing was a slow breath, a breath made in pleasure. All she could think of, was he was the guy with the weird foot fetish and wanted it to be over.

The point is, she had that feeling right away. I don't know why we don't speak up. She is an Earth element. Even thoughit was her birthday, she didn't want any one to worry and she wanted everyone to have fun. But How we feel is important. If you don't feel comfortable than it's nt worht getting a session. I have people say all the time they want so and so to come in, but they say they wouldn't be comfortable. I tell them they shouldn't try to make them come because they wont be comfortable and the massage is torture.

To top this weekend off, they were going to charge us like $80 per hour massage, because the package only offered a half hour. Now, I work out of an up scale hotel. I have worked on famous people there. I agree risk goes up, price goes up, but there was no way we were paying that much for the massage we recieved. First they weren't licensed, second, so many things were illegal and inappropriate and we bitched believe me. We didn't pay it.

Another friend of mine had a session with a man and it was good until he turned her over. She had massages from me, but I live 3 hours away and went to this guy who was referred to her. When he turned her, he stood at the head of the table, made a tent with the sheet and she was already turning over before she realized he just checked out her whole body. She didn't say anything. She said she didn't know what to say. She just wanted the session to be over, so she could get out of there.

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