Jan 4, 2008

Commenly asked questions

K so most people ask the same basic questions.

1. Do I have to get naked? No. If any one tells you otherwise request someone else or leave. We we told to tell clients to get undressed down to their comfort level. I have some people who stay fully clothed the first time. I do go under the neck of the shirt in the back it is easier and more effective to work on the skin. I explain this, and they feel the difference and gradually the clothes come off.

Notes: The therapist should always leave the room while you undress and get on the table. Only the body part that is getting worked on is uncovered. You should be covered with a sheet at all times. When they turn you over, the therapist stands on one side of the table leans against the table trapping the sheet, makes a tent with the sheet and the client rolls away from the therapist and into the new position. If they stand at the head of the table they get a full view down your body. It's sad, but this happens more often than you would like to think. We had students get kicked out of the program for doing this and being inappropriate in general. The kicker is, it was their own mouths bragging about it to a group of people that got them caught.

For stories about bad massages check out the post. If you've had a bad experience and want to share it, to let other people know what happened to you please share.

2. What is a knot? K if you can imagine your muscle being a balloon filled with water and a nylon sock wrapped around it, the nylon sock represents the fascia that surrounds and connects your muscles and organs. When you use a muscle the nylon fibers at the top of the muscle overlap, the fibers at the bottom get stretched. That's why someone with low back pain may actually be getting it from their neck and shoulders. Now, these overlapped fibers cut off your blood supply, so your muscles aren't getting fresh oxygen and nutrients and it isn't able to wash away carbon monoxide and waste. Part of that waste is lactic acid. Lactic acid is a byproduct of ATP. ATP is what your muscles use for energy. In a normal knot I go against these fibers to lay them flat. The fresh blood flows in and washes the toxins away.

3. What is a trigger point? It's a hypersensitive knot that hasn't been addressed. Now going back to our example in question 2. Your blood runs through your body like a river. Now a river has tributaries that feed into each other, in this case, the tributaries are coming from your arms and legs and leads to a bigger pool of water, or your trunk. If there is a lot of pollutants in the water or debris, the flow stops. It's like how when you get to the mouth of the river you see all the crap that came from upstream. In your body, what happens is, the lactic acid acts like a glue and glues your nylon fibers, fascia ,together. Your body starts to get backed up with toxins. Your muscles aren't getting fresh oxygen and nutrients. You feel more run down, you may have muscle cramps/ spasms, limited range of motion, you'll be more susceptible to colds and diseases (The immune systems works with the circulatory system and it can only go where your blood goes to do it's job.), you may have migraines, numbness and tingling, have back pain, pain or weakness in your limbs esp. the hands.
A massage releases these toxins. Many people feel drunk or disoriented that's why it's important to drink water before and after your session, to help get rid of the toxins before they get trapped again.

Note: Everybody has cancer cells in you body. You immune system kills 99.9% of them. But if it can't get there or your circulation is low and bacteria high cancer will grow. That's why cancers like prostate, ovarian, colon, cervical, and even breast cancer are so common. There is a lot of bacteria and not a lot of movement. Breast cancer is partly caused by the restriction of movement around the body by the bra. Cheryl Chapman, the woman who certified me to work with breast cancer, asks people if they have, "Fluffed the girls today?" She even has a pink t-shirt asking if you have. Men's breast cancer is on the rise. Obesity is on the rise and they have developed the boob crease cutting down their circulation.

Also many seniors die of pneumonia. Often they can't fight a common cold and it turns into something more serious.

People who have comprised immune systems due to illness should really have massage to help boost their immune systems.

4. What do I think of chiropractors? I think that chiropractors defiantly have their place in the medical community. That being said, I think that many people will see their chiropractor 2-3X a week for years and love them for making them feel better. My issue is they gave you a temporary fix. That's why you have to go back so often. The chiropractor works the structure of the body- the bones. some do do trigger point work, but not enough, and not for nothing, that isn't their training. It's the muscles that are pulling your bones out of alignment. Get a massage then go for your adjustment. Your adjustment will go easier and last longer.

Note: Now by the time I see people the first time their body is usually screaming for attention. You didn't do the damage to your body over night and it isn't going to get fixed in one session. Now the chiropractor may make you feel better, but for a short time. And initially you may need to see them 3x a week, but it should be for long.
Same with massage, now I have made people feel better in one session- it's a long one, but I do. They may not have that pain again for 6 months, some may come back in 2 days. I also require some people to see me more often in the beginning, but our goal is to get to the point where they come in for a once a month massage for maintenance to break up knots before they become trigger points.

5. How often should I get a massage? Ideally once a month. Getting a massage once a month is like getting an oil change for your body. Except, you can't change your body in every five years when it starts giving you problems.

Giving yourself a massage once a month, helps break up knots before they become trigger points. We know trigger points are hypersensitive knots that didn't get addressed. These trigger points trap toxins and are the cause of things like limited range of motion, pain, migrains etc.. It increases your circulation, thus, improving your immune system. By increasing productivity in these systems, your body heals faster and and helps in pathologies where circulation is deficient. By lowering stress it lowers your blood pressure.

6. Should I get a massage before or after I work out? Well, if you're getting a swedish/ relaxation massage, or a therapeutic session, where trigger points are worked, I say work out first.

If you're doing shiatsu, you can get a session that will boost energy and the session will do your prework-out stretches for you.


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Both men and women can have the difficulties of maintaining their clothing up-to-date and in season, yet men's fashion often feels a lot easier. Of program, for both genders, garments and style choices can be quite as complicated, and there are lots of'stylish'things that could easily become fashion faux pas - who will say they often times see people walking on in 70s flames? On the other side, men's style features a few choice things that will exist forever - which man is going to keep an eye out of place with a good-quality, tailored suit, for example? Select traditional cuts, colours and fabrics and you'll never seem out-of-place.

Why common men's style is timeless

The classic man's suit has hardly changed for over a hundred years. True, there are numerous versions for different functions, however they are all common in their pursuit of a smart, sharp look for the person. The best part about basic fashion for men is that it's simply fashionable efficiently neat. A well-groomed lady will more often than not look his sharpest in a well-tailored suit, and it is a testament to the style of such apparel. A match will be worn to work in several professions due to the professional search it offers to the person, instilling a sense of respect and confidence. Equally a match will be utilized to several social occasions, such as a tuxedo to a black-tie affair. This extraordinary versatility which allows matches to be utilized in nearly all events is what gives it its eternal side and a lasting devote men's fashion.

Modern developments in traditional men's style

Though classic men's designs can never be replaced, it is interesting to note that shifts in men's fashion trends have produced particular basic garments back to fashion. The recognition of vintage clothing, especially, has had back a wide-variety of basic models into men's closets, such as that of the dandy guy. 'Dandy'is a term used to reference men who dress in a classic yet expensive way, operating in a sophisticated method and placing importance on appearance. This development for nearly'over-the-top'traditional style for men is apparent from events including the'Tweed Run', wherever men and women of all ages dress in particularly Victorian-style clothing and take to the roads on vintage bikes - with lots of the men wearing impeccable mustaches! This really is just one of many samples of research exhibiting the resurgence of such designs. There are also numerous sites on the web which concentrate on gentlemanly style - such as'The Dandy Project'and'Dandyism'- as well as whole web sites such as'The Art of Manliness'dedicated to giving articles on common men's fashion and grooming.

In summary, though specific issues with classic men's style can be brought back as new movements, the essential clothes which they are based on will never fall out of fashion.

"All it requires certainly are a few basic outfits. And there is one key - the simpler the better." - Cary Grant

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