Jan 4, 2008

How Eastern Philosophy relates to you

So, now that you have looked at the elements, you're wondering what all that means. Well, by looking at the body type, personalities, and some imbalances, hopefully you were able to pick which ones are dominate in you. Remember, you are all of them, though.

If you look at your circle of friends, they are also probably in your dominate element. But, what what does that mean? Well, I'm a Fire Element so I am optimistic, fun, I like to laugh and be with a lot of people. I like to circulate in a group and I stay pretty busy. My friends are the same. When we get together, we are loud, we laugh a lot and we all mix. We strengthen our element by being together.

But what happens when people aren't in you're element? This is where the control cycle comes in: Earth gives water boundaries, water puts out fire.... So if you interact with a water element as a fire, they'll calm you down. An Earth element will bring out the care giver, Wood fuels Fire, so a Wood element will make your Fire traits more obvious.

What else is interesting to realize is that people are what they are. It's a part of them. So if someone has traits that bother you, realize now, it's not their fault and it probably won't change. The Chinese believe, you change your primary elements every 7 years. Think about how much you changed from 0-7, 7-14, 14-21, 21-28... Or if you have kids, it's easier to see it in them.

But not all people's primary elements change. If they don't grow mentally, their elements will stay the same. As we age, we lose our jing, our life force, so like my dad is the meanest S.O.B. you ever want to meet. He has been this way my whole life. He is a Wood element. He is very angry,- Vietnam, but I think there's more to it too. Anyway, he has always been abusive and everyone my family and neighborhood knew, no one did anything because they were afraid of him. He' fed his anger with drinking and ruined his liver. Liver is one of the wood elements and the mind set is anger. Which just goes to show you, with anger you ultimately end up hurting yourself. Anyway, he stopped drinking, but the anger is still there. He has kidney issues and his liver is failing among so many other things. The point is, he's dying. He doesn't have the fight left in him to actually fight, but everyone in town is still intimidated by my dad and no one would cross him.

Anyway, aside from figuring out what elements are your primary ones and learning about why you have some conditions/ pathologies what does it do? Well, as a fire element, insomnia, anxiety, excessive sweating are some imbalances. If you have more than one imbalances in any element, your body is telling you, your out of balance. So, in the fire example, These symptoms are jitsu, or overactive. Fire needs to be dispersed. You can disperse, or cut, fire by working the dispersal points in the fire element, and work water, thus strengthening it to put out fire. You must realize however, once one element is unbalanced they all become unbalanced to an extent. They form a circle. If one is deficient, or keyo, than other's will compensate. Like wise when one element or meridian is jitsu, others will suffer because energy is going to

The Chinese believe you should treat the whole body and everything is significant. They use all their senses to diagnose. The western world treats the symptoms and I think it's all about the all mighty dollar here. It's sad. I also find it ironic, that eastern medicine is considered new age here, yet it's been around and proven since 2,5000 b.c.. If it's lasted this long, it must be doing something right.

A quick funny story. I went to a party where I only knew 3 people, including my husband. Not knowing anyone and waiting for the other 2 people I knew to show up, I listened. The other 2 arrived and where surprised to see my husband and I. They had a few drinks, and yelled that I was the best massage therapist. I was instantly a celebrity. I was asking questions relating to the Eastern elemental association and people were amazed I knew so much about them. I would no sooner make it back to my husband and someone would come and get me because someone else wanted to talk to me.
So, this one guy followed me around all night. As we were getting ready to leave he asked me to do a psychic reading for him. First of all, everyone thought I was psychic, and I kept saying, "I'm not psychic. This is ancient Chinese philosophy." Second he didn't say one word to me all night outside of asking for a reading. I again explained I'm not psychic and I can't just tell you things. I know this stuff because of a few things they said then I asked questions to get more direction until I hit the element.

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