Jan 4, 2008

Basic Eastern Philosophy

Have you ever noticed how your personality has changed over the years? Or how you have more fun with some people than others? Or that your personality changes depending on the group of people your with? Here's why.

There are five elemental types. You are everyone of them, but you have dominate ones. Each one effects the others. They make a circle and need each other to stay in balance; or to keep you in optimal health.

There's Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal.

The Earth gives Water boundaries.
Water puts out Fire.
Fire melts Metal.
Metal comes from the Earth.
Wood fuels Fire and keeps the Earth together.


Earth people are the caregivers and nurturers, the worriers. They tend to be fleshy around the middle and earth people are family oriented and like to be in the among many people.

Stage of Developement- Transformation
Body Type:
Feet firmly planted, don't move quickly, fleshy, strong thighs, large head and Jaws, "opera singers body"
Amiable, down to earth, calm, adaptable to the needs of others, territorial, generous, reliable.
Season: Indian Summer
Color: Yellow/Orange
Meridians: Stomach is Yin, Spleen is Yang
Time of Day: 7:00-9:00am Stomach 9:00-11:00am Spleen
Direction: Center
Flavor: Sweet
Sense Organ: Mouth
Fluid Secretion: Saliva
Emotion: Worry, sympathy
Sound: Singing
Body Parts Governed: Flesh
External Physical Manifestation: Lips
Smell: Fragrant
Climate: Damp, humid
Mental Aspect: Worry Concentration

Stomach functions: Transformation of food into Qi. Receives nourishments from food. Rules decending functions. Rotting and Ripening of spleen.

General Indicators for Stomach: Excessive consumption of cold drinks or raw food, bad eating habits; irregular and or rushed meals, eating in stressful conditions, unhealthy diet. Bad Breath.

Spleen Functions: Holds up Qi, makes blood, governs flesh. governs transformation and ascending transportaton. Extracts Gu Qi from food and drink. Ascends Gu Qi to the lungs to mix with air, Ta Qi, and form chest Qi, Zong Qi. Ascends Gu Qi to heart for the formation of blood. controls the blood and keeps it within it's vessels. Keeps internal organs and blood vessels upright and in proper shape. Maitaince and regulates metabolism.. The residence of thought/ affects the ability to study, concentrate, and memorize. Opens into the mouth, manifests in the lips.

General Indicators for Spleen: Irregular dietary habits, Excessive study and use of the mind, prolonged exposure to dampness, sweet tooth, and weight fluctuations.

Stomach Imbalances: Cold sores, nausea, vomiting, hiccups, belching, farting, stomach disorders, sore or dry lips, heat in stomach, acid reflux, diabetes, ulcers, fatigue in the am, dry mouth, manic behavior, severe anxiety,bleeding gums, hyperactivity.

Spleen Imbalances: Hernia, prolapsed organs, varicose veins, bruising, endometriosis, menstrual problems, dampness, hemorrhoids, weakness in legs, anemia, weight fluctuations, fatigue upon waking, loose stool, burning anus.

Numbers- 5

Planet- Saturn

Animal- Human

Domestic Animal- Ox

Graines- Rice

Earth is center rather than Yin or Yang.


Fire people are very communicative, they tend to burn the candle at both ends and burn out. They are all over, like fire, they spatter. They like to have fun and laugh, they have a lot of friends and like large gatherings. They often forget words or they are, "on the tip of their tongue. " They loose their train of thought because their mind works faster than their mouth. They tend to have addictive personalities. They feed their fire with caffeine and dark chocolate.

Stage of Development- Growth
Body Type: Warm skin with elasticity, soft moist skin, graceful active hands, long neck arms and legs, willowy physique, pointed chin, walks and talks quickly.

Personality: Enthusiastic, communicative, charismatic, optimistic, empathetic, affectionate, intuitive, prone to excess.
Season: Summer
Color: Red
Meridians: Heart- Yin, Small Intestine- Yang, Pericardium- Yin, Triple Heater- Yang
Times Of Day: 11:00am-1:00pm Heart
1:00pm-3:00pm Small Intestine
7:00-9:00pm Pericardium
9:00-11:00pm Triple Heater
Direction: South
Flavor: Bitter
Sense Organ: Tip of the Tongue
Fluid Secretion: Perspiration
Emotion: Joy
Sound: Laughter
Body Parts Governed: Blood Vessels
External Physical Manifestation: Complexion
Smell: Burned, scorched
Climate: Heat
Mental Aspect: Rules Shen

Heart Functions: Governs blood and blood vessels. Rules spirit and emotions. Houses the mind affects mental/emotional activity, consciousness, thinking, clarity), memory, and sleep.

General Indicators for the Heart: One the go lifestyle, mental clarity, excess of emotions, chest/ pathway pain, lack of moderation, coffee craving.

Small Instestine Functions: Governs absorbtion and assimilation. Discerns what is relevant, useful, healthy etc.. On a physical plane, it's what our body needs. On a metaphysical plane, it's what's good for the mind and spirit; supplies clarity. Separtes pure and impure. Impure liquid goes to the Bladder for purification and impure solids goes to the large intestine for elimination. Assimilates and absobs essential substances and some water in food.

General Indicators for Smalll Intestine: Abdominal bloating, pain in shoulders and neck, excess of either cold or hot foods, inability to distinguish various options, and sadness that obliterates mental clarity.

Pericardium Function: Protects the heart and aids in circulation. Connected to the ability to sustain sexual and emotional relationships, and it influences the emotional and mental state.

General Indicators for Pericardium: Discomfort in upper heater/ energizer, abnormal focus on relationships, emotional sensitive, rounded shoulders and caved in upper heater, and chocolate cravings.

Triple Heater Functions: Thermoregulator of the chest, solar plexus, lower abdoman. Linked with the immune system. Regulator of Qi. Maintains optimum environment in the 3 divisions of the body:
Upper Heater/ Energizer- Heart, Lungs, Pericardium and is the mist intake and interpretation.

Middle Heater/ Energizer: Stomach, Splee, and Gall Bladder is the bubbling cauldron of absorbtion and assimilation.

Lower Heater/Energizer: Lver, Kidneys, Intestines, and Bladder it's the swamp. Reproduction and elimination.

General Indicators for Triple Heater: Weak response to infection, palpable temperature differnece in the torso, and sighns and syptoms cluped together in one Hearter/ Energizer.

Heart Imbalances: poor memory, migraines, desire cold drinks, anxiety, cardiac infarction, stammering, timidity, sweaty palms, restlessness, heart palpitations, pallor, mental fatigue, excessive sweating, cold hands, insomnia, dream disturbed asleep, nightmares, excessive / inappropriate laughter/ crying, pain in chest, bitter taste in mouth. Over bright or lifeless eyes.

Small Intestine Imbalances: Dull abdominal pain,desire for hot drinks, bloating, manic behavior, constipation, poor digestion, puffy eyes, poor circulation, strong determination, difficulty in turning neck, has trouble making a decision.

Pericardium Imbalances: Easily fatigues, frequent dreaming, absentmindedness, restless but immobile, feverish palms, high temperature, delirium low/high blood pressure,hypersensitive, dizziness, shortness of breath, poor circulation.

Triple Heater Imbalances: Headaches, sensitive to humidity/ weather changes, catch colds easy, swollen lymph glands, slow to throw off colds, neck and shoulder pain, tendency to clutch arms and palms, nervous reaction to external environmental changes, prone to tonsillitis.

Number- 7

Planet- Mars

Amnimal- Birds

Domestic Animal- Fowl

Grains- Beans

Fire is more of a Yang Element.


Water people are often mistaken for shy, when really they are more reflective. They seek the lowest level and often they will sit or lay on the floor. Water people like to spread out. They prefer a one on one conversation than with a group. They often melt into the back round. They tend to be easy going and to go with the flow and don't like causing waves.

Stage of Development- Storage
Body Type: Fluid movement,/lazy, long, narrow head and face, long large bones, long fingers and toes, silky hair.
Personality: Introspective, candid, objective, careful, curious, perceptive, sensitive/psychic.
Season: Winter
Color: Blue, black
Meridians: Bladder -Yang, Kidney, Yin
Time of Day: 3:00-5:00pm Bladder 5:00-7:00pm Kidney
Direction: North
Flavor: Salty
Sense Organ: Ear
Fluid Secretion: Urine
Emotion: Fear
Sound: Groaning
Body Parts Governed: Bones, marrow
External Physical Manifestation: Head hair
Smell: Putrid
Climate: Cold
Mental Aspect: Will Power

Bladder Functions: Purification, stores and eliminates urine. Relates to Autonomic Nervous System by the Shu points, Communicates with pituitary gland and the kidnewy hormone system.

General Indicators of the Bladder: Night urinatin, pathway pain, posture, ability to move forward in life.

Kidney Functions: Stores jing- governs birth, growth, and reproducton. Houses the will power. Rules bones; produces bone marrow and brain tissue. Responsible for water metabolism. Grasps the Qi of the lungs and holds it down. Affects the Adrenals. Opens in the ear.

General Indicators for Kindney: Excessive/ repression of fear, low back pain, fertility problems, premature aging,health of head hair, stamina.

Bladder Imbalances: Incontinence, night time enuresis, frequent /abundant urination, lower backache, easily fatigued, burning urination, thirst, fever/ infection, stiffness in shoulders and thorax, inflammation of bladder and prostate, nervous, suspicion or jealousy that is repressed.

Kidney Imbalances: Frequent urination, pain in lower back, feels cold, tinnitus, deafness, night sweats, aches in bones, lack of stamina, kidney stones, dark urine, edema, impotence, pituitary issues, hormone imbalances, painful menstruation's, losing hair, ear problems, greying premature, problems with your teeth, infertility, urinary tracked issues, joint problems, arthritis.

Numbers- 6

Planet- Mercury

Animal- Shell Covered

Domestic Animal- Pig

Water is a Yin element.


Metal people are very organized, they pay attention to detail, they like things where they belong, they tend to have no clutter or they keep every little piece of paper. They like to make list and schedules. They like to cross things off the list and keep to a stick schedule. They are often early risers. Often waking up going over their list mentally. They thrive on structure. Many metal people have OCD issues. Many have jobs where they work alone with areas where details count. They are good accountants, scientists. They are often seen as cold and unyeilding.

Stage of Development- Harvest

Body Type: Walks deliberately, have a strong voice, stand erect, light clear skin, oval face, broad shoulders, strongly built body, often have little or no neck and are barrel chested.

Personality: Independent, meticulous, rational, well organized, likes ceremony/discipline, reserved.
Season: Autumn
Color: White
Meridians: Lung- Yin, Large Intestine-Yang
Time of Day: 3:00-5:00am Lung 5:00-7:00pm Large Intestine
Direction: West
Sense Organ: Nose
Fluid Secretion: Mucus
Emotion: Grief
Sound: Weeping
Body Parts Governed: Skin
External Physical Manifestation: Body hair
Smell: Rotten
Climate: Dry
Mental Aspect: Inability to let go of old habits, grudges, grief.

Lung Functions- Intake and circulation of Qi. Governs the skin, pores and sweat. Wei (protective) Qi. Lid of Yin organs- open to the outside world, first to be invaded by germs, Decends to communicate with other organs. Opens into the nose. Adjust water channels. Easily damaged by dryness. Houses the Corporeal Soul, the Po.

General Indicators of Lung: Health of skin, Excessive or suprssion of grief, allergies/ sinus problems, and pain pathway.

Large Intestine Function- Absorbs and cleans fluids from the small intestine. Elimination of stagnant Qi. Letting go of grudges, grief, and possessions.

General Indicators of Large Intestine: Pattern of bowel movement, tendency to hang on, and pathway pain.

Lung Imbalances: Shortness of breath, cough, watery sputum, catch colds easy, weak voice, negative attitude, resistant to new ideas, asthma, pain in chest, stuffed nose, occipital headaches, bronchitis, jealousy, detachment, over anxiety, inability to release tension.

Large Intestine Imbalances: Loose stool, dull pain in abdomen, constipation, hemorrhoids, overdependent, tends to be disappointed, blood in stool, mucus in stool, inability to let go, always seems dissatisfied, nosebleeds, itchy skin, dry or congested nose.

Numbers- 9

Planet- Venus

Animal- Mammals

Domestic Animal- Dog

Grains- Hemp

Metal tends to be a Yin element in general.


Wood people are always on the go and hate to sit still, they are very goal oriented, and athletic. They may also have quick flare ups of a bad temper only to be gone in the next second. They tend to be bitter jealous people who feed their anger with drugs and thus destroy their liver. They bite their nails, like chewey foods like gum or meat, they chew and stew. They also like cruchy foods like nuts- that have fat to feed the anger, or chips, raw vegtables, anything to draw attention to themselves to let every one know they are mad. Many wood elements have that vien in their forheads. Julia Roberts has an obvious one.

Stage of Development- Birth

Body Type: Darkish faces, thick skin, strong sinewy hands and feet, loves movement, slender muscular bodies.

Personality: Bold, ambitious, competitive, decisive, powerful, independent, impatient.

Season: Spring
Color: Green
Meridians: Gallbladder- Yang, Liver- Yin
Time of Day: 11:00pm-1:00am Gall bladder 1:00-3:00am Liver
Direction: East
Flavor: Sour
Sense Organ: Eyes
Fluid Secretion: Tears,bile
Emotion: Anger
Sound: Shouting
Body Parts Governed: Muscles & sinews
External manifestation: Nails
Climate: Windy
Mental Aspect: Righteous Anger

Gall Bladder Functions: Decision maker/Far sighted. Holds body in from the sides, stores and extracts bile. sinews equals muscles and tendons. Stores blood and makes Qi flow smoothly. Provides Qi to the sinews.

General Indicators of Gall Bladder: Level of decisiveness, pathway pain, temporal headaches, stregth of joints.

Liver Functions: Stores and moves blood, brings blood to muscles and tendons during physical activity, detoxifies blood, maintains even flow of movement and emotions, opens into the eyes.
Manifest in the nails, master plannerm reinforces drive and resolutness. Easily affected by wind. Houses the Etheral Soul- the Hun.

General Indicators of Liver: Evenness of emotional life, health of eyes. nails, migrains, temporal headaches, menstrual irregularities, need for sedatives.

Gall Bladder Imbalances: Trouble digesting fats, dreams of "fights, trials, suicide", timidity, nervousness, easily startled, blurred vision, hypochondriac, gallstones, diet heavy in fats, pain in legs, stiff muscles/ sinews, migraines.

Liver Imbalances: Weepiness/P.M.S., tired eyes blurred vision, physical tiredness, weak tendons, scanty menstruation, muscle spams, eye twitches, brittle nails, insomnia,frustration, irritability, mood swings, angry outbursts, nausea, poor appetite, masses in abdomen, temporal headaches, red itchy eyes, excessive alcohol consumption, dizziness.

Numbers: 8

Planet- Jupiter

Animal- Fish

Domestic Animal- Sheep

Graines- Wheat

Wood in general is more Yang.


Adam Star said...

I came across this article, Healing With Hands today and was wondering what your thoughts on Reiki are as an LMT schooled in Western and Eastern practices.

Kristi said...

Hi Adam,

I've never had a Reiki session, but it's energy work.

To my understanding, the therapist doesn't touch the body. They move the energy around by moving their hands a few inches above the body.

I get mixed reviews on this from clients who have had a session.
Most aren't happy they didn't get touched and felt that nothing was done/ helped.

I share my limited knowledge on it and tell them, as energy work, it takes time to get things flowing.

If other people have had Reiki sessions or know more about it or if I should be passing on other information, please share your thoughts.

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